iResponse Classroom Responder System

The iResponse PRO Classroom Responder System is a unique classroom response and test/quiz distribution system that functions on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. TATE’s iResponse enables schools and training institutions to incorporate iOS devices into their lessons, transforming every class into an interactive learning environment with no required Internet connection.

Students will improve their retention of class material and benefit from the incorporation of visual images into questions. Instructors will be able to monitor student comprehension seamlessly through the Utility program, creating an adaptive educational environment where individual student progress can be gauged and class pace adjusted.

The iResponse Classroom Responder System has two components, the iResponse PRO application (app) for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and the iResponse PRO Utility.


  • iResponse Application. The application is available for download from iTunes onto individual devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) by either the student or instructor. It is required for all participants in the training session. During class, students log-in to a session to receive and respond to questions, or to receive, complete and submit tests. Students can also view individual and class results over the course of a session if the instructor enables this function.
  • iResponse Utility. The free Utility software (for both Macs and PCs) is downloaded by the instructor (available here). The Utility is where content, such as questions, answers, images, and tests, are created and pushed to student devices. The instructor uses the Utility to develop questions and answers on their computer and also to transmit questions or test(s) directly to student devices. Questions, answers and tests can be created ahead of time, saved on the instructor’s computer and retrieved during class, or created on the fly while a class session is underway. The Utility enables the instructor to view who is connected to the system, who has responded to the question and what response was given. Both class and individual statistics can be displayed and tracked through the Utility. Tracking results by “Alias” allows the instructor to share student data with the entire class anonymously if desired. The Utility allows for responses (correct and incorrect) to be displayed in a graph, with the correct response indicated. The Utility tracks overall class performance, as well as individual performance statistics. The instructor uses the Utility to enable or disable the feature that allows student devices to review performance results. The Utility also allows instructors to view, print and save session results, by individual student performance or by performance on a specific question.

The iResponse Classroom Responder is available for both Macs and PCs and comes in a Standard and Pro version.

The Standard version allows for in-class question and answer sessions. Teachers build and transmit questions in-class over a stand-alone network router or wireless Internet connection. Instant feedback for the instructor is available to monitor class progress.

The Pro version allows for in-class questions and instant feedback, plus the ability to distribute and receive in-class and take-home tests, as well as functions to export, save and print student and class statistics in XML format.

The iResponse Classroom Responder System is available in the App Store Volume Purchase Program. The Volume Purchase Program makes it easy for educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume and distribute those apps to users. More Info.