TATE, Incorporated – Trusted Agent for Training and Education.

TATE, Incorporated is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm. Founded in 1994, the company and its employees are committed to building our position as the innovative leader in providing expertise in training development.

Working closely with its clients, TATE uses in-house resources to help the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies develop curriculum and training programs tailored to the client and training programs as well as analytical studies of training programs. Our employees bring a full spectrum of military and commercial expertise to focus on the most demanding challenges.

As of 2008, TATE now offers these unique skills and expertise to the commercial sector, with a primary focus on distance/mobile learning solutions.

The company offers an unparalleled breadth of expertise in:

• Training program development, on-site education and practical exercise training

• Analytical and doctrinal studies in support of DoD mission area requirements and planning

• Multi-media design/development and broadcast quality video pre- and post-production services

• Secure computer network design and installation; including custom Learning Management Systems (LMS).

• Rapid development of Enhanced User Manuals (EUMs), Computer Based Training (CBT) User Manuals, and iPhone/iPod touch Enhanced User Manuals (iEUMs); the latter being the latest addition to the TATE family of training solutions

Core Values

We provide state-of-the art services to a broad and diverse customer base. Our company is distinguished by a commitment to three core values:

Research: Applying knowledge-based solutions to risk-filled environments, education and training, operational support and analytical studies.

Customization: Tailoring our services based on requirements of each customer.

Service: Providing customers with the support that they need, when they need it.

We achieve our mission with a current staff of 400+ educators, psychologists, researchers, information technology professionals, individuals with real-world operational experience and customer support personnel.

Our Expertise

- Curriculum Development
- Platform Instruction
- Subject Matter Expertise
- Library & Archival Management
- Manpower Studies
- Security Management
- Systems Engineering
- Technical Asses/Eval
- Program Management