Turn your classroom into a dynamic, interactive learning environment.

The iResponse iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Classroom Response System works in conjunction with the free iResponse Utility software and allows students to receive and respond to instructor questions and tests, both in-class and at home.

The iResponse Classroom Response System is made of two parts, the iResponse app and the iResponse Utility. The parts must be downloaded separately. The app is available from iTunes, and the Utility software is available free of charge here.

The iResponse App enables students to receive, review, answer and submit multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, survey style and free response questions and tests (tests available on the PRO version only) – all transmitted to individual devices over a wireless network, connected via the Internet or by stand-alone router, by the iResponse Utility.

The iResponse Utility is where the content is created and pushed to individual student devices. Questions, answers and tests can be created ahead of time, saved on the instructor computer (Mac or PC versions are available) and retrieved during class, or created on the fly, while a class session is underway.

The Utility enables the instructor to view who is connected to the system, who has responded to the question and what response was given. Both class and individual statistics can be displayed and tracked through the Utility. Tracking results by “Alias” allows the instructor to project and share student data with the entire class anonymously if desired.

The iResponse PRO version Utility also allows instructors to create, distribute and receive tests, either take-home or in-class, timed or untimed. Student devices loaded with the iResponse PRO App receive the distributed tests while network connected to the Utility, i.e., during a class session. For an in-class test, students complete and submit the test while connected to the class session. For a take-home test, students receive the test in-class and are able to disconnect from the session and complete the test while disconnected. Once reconnected to the networked class session, they are able to submit their completed tests.

After the student has completed and submitted a test, the instructor (and student, if enabled by the instructor) can view instant results on individual and class performance.

The Utility allows for responses (correct and incorrect) to be displayed in a graph, indicating the correct response and the number of students who answered the question correctly and incorrectly. The Utility tracks overall class performance, as well as individual performance statistics. The instructor may use the Utility to enable or disable the feature that allows student devices to review performance results. The Utility also allows instructors to view and save the results of the questions and answers by teaching session, by individual student performance or by performance on a specific question.

The iResponse Utility is comprised of four screens/windows:

  • iResponse Connect Screen:

    Where class sessions are controlled. Used to connect (start) and disconnect (end) class sessions, create the class ID, session name, set server port, enable performance and results data to be shared with students, add a class or school logo to the iResponse screen and view all devices connected to the session.

  • iResponse Questions Screen:

    Where content is created. Used to select the question type, create the questions and answers, insert images into questions, determine answer feedback option, transmit the questions and answers, or test questions, to the connected devices or test questions during an instructor paced knowledge check session.

  • iResponse Answers Screen:

    Where student responses are viewed, question by question. Displays the respondents’ answers in a bar graph format, with an option to highlight the correct answers and show percentages. This screen displays by Alias, allowing the instructor to project this screen and share class results while keeping individual student responses anonymous.

  • iResponse Statistics Screen:

    Where class and student performance is tracked across a class or test session. Enables the instructor to view analytical data of the session, including overall class performance and individual student performance. Statistics may be further sorted by question or individual. In the PRO version this data may be printed, saved and/or exported in .xml format for advanced users.